Monday, April 23, 2012

The Pool

The pool was technically finished February 26, but I didn't want to post pictures until the landscaping was in place. It is now not only finished, but it's officially in use as well. 

Here is the BEFORE shot. This big backyard was just begging for a pool, so who were we to argue?!BeFunky Original on iPhone

The fun begins...The digging started January 27, 2012.
2012-01-27 001 005

No turning back now...The hole looked REALLY big.
2012-01-27 001 028

The next step was rebar and plumbing...
BeFunky Original on iPhone 2011-12-22 001 004
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They did the gunite January 31, 2012.  This was a really interesting process to watch, and the pool was finally starting to look like a pool.
2008-07-17 001 014

By February 9, the gunite had cured, flagstone coping was in place and the patio was formed.  Oh, and we'd had about a week of rain...
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After many more days of rain delays, it was finally time for the plaster.  We chose to go with a darker blue Quartzscape and couldn't be happier.  This was another fun day to watch, as this was also blown in with hoses, then smoothed in place, like the gunite.
2012-02-24 001 005

While the plaster cured, they pored the pea gravel decking around the pool.  All done (minus some much-needed landscaping) on February 26, 2012.
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And here are some pictures I took today.  We added beds and lots of palm trees.  Our favorite palm varieties are the Canary Palms, and Robelini Palms.  We also added a couple lounge chairs and new umbrellas to the patio area.
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Here is a shot of the equipment area.  We added a second gate for security.  The rocks around the equipment have been great, but the BEST addition has been the sidewalk that runs from patio to the driveway. There are so many great things about the pool so it's almost silly that the sidewalk is one of our favorite things (but it is!).
2012-04-23 001 013

This is the view coming through the gate into the yard.
2012-04-23 001 001

And the view from the lounge area. 
2012-04-23 001 012