Friday, January 13, 2012

Night and Day

We've continued to work on the front yard... Dan worked nearly 3 days straight adding rocks around the flower beds...
2012-01-13 002 003
...and lighting!

Big Boy Room

I decided it was time for my 4 year old to have his 'Big Boy Room'. When asked for his opinion, he requested green and black walls (his two favorite colors). Thinking that might be a little extreme, I decided to honor his wishes with green and black racing stripes!

2012-01-13 001 010

I have been planning his big boy room pretty much since I finished his nursery, and knew I wanted a world map mural on the wall. It's gorgeous and I love it, but I learned one thing the hard way- 'pre-pasted' doesn't mean much. If I'm ever crazy enough to try to wallpaper something again, I will buy my own paste thank-you-very-much.

2012-01-13 001 021

The bedding and curtain panels are also new, but making appearances from the nursery are the animal photographs and 5ft tall stuffed giraffe. Both Walter and I were too nostalgic to part with either. Dan travels to Africa occasionally for work and took pictures of the baby animals while on safari one year.

2012-01-13 001 016

I also have to point out the furniture was Dan's when he was a little boy as well!

2012-01-13 001 003